Coworking Plans

Four great choices for the most flexible workspaces in Flagler County.

Coworking 1-Day Pass

1-Day Pass

$20 per day

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In town for the day? Spend it working with us!


A place to work in a common work area. Access to phone rooms for privacy.

Conference Rooms

$15 per hour


9am - 5pm


10 Free Black and White copies/prints

Coworking 5-day Plan

5-Day Pass

$80 per month

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Get out of your home and connect with your peers 5 days per month.


A place to work in a common work area. Access to phone rooms for privacy.

Conference Rooms

1 hour


9am - 5pm


25 Free Black and White copies/prints

Coworking 10-day pass

10-Day Pass

$160 per month

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For when you just need a part-time office rental.


A place to work in a common work area.

Conference Rooms

3 hours


9am - 5pm


50 Free Black and White copies/prints

Coworking – Permanent Deskspace

Permanent Deskspace

$350 per month

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Come to the office whenever and how often you'd like.


A desk, chair and storage space specifically assigned to you in a shared office.

Conference Rooms

5 hours



Printing & Mail

Mail and package collection. 100 Free Black and White copies/prints.

Ultimate in Flexibility

You may need a place to work one day a month, or every day, we've got a plan for you, and you can change it month-to-month.

Work Without Distractions

Working from home is great, until your kids (or dog) walks in on your high stakes video chat. A place to go when you have serious work to get done.

Collaborate and Grow

It's tough enough being an entrepreneur. Don't be a lonely entrepreneur. Here's you chance to connect with the best and brightest of Flagler.

Top Quality Office Equipment

Copy machines, high speed scanners, screen sharing, conference call phones, everything you need to work is here for you.

Great Amenities

Complimentary coffee and water service adds that high quality touch when you want to make a great impression.

Screaming Fast Internet

Ethernet connections and Wi-Fi available. Just bring a laptop and get working.


Coworking is a style of work where professionals, who are not necessarily employed by the same organization, share a physical work environment, and frequently have similar values and professional habits. They are also interested in the benefits that come from working alongside other talented professionals in the same space, including collaborating on projects or exchanging leads and referrals.


According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, professionals who cowork with their peers find more meaning in their work, have greater job control and value the potential for interactions with peers.

According to an independent study we performed with our clients:

  • 83% say they are happier
  • 86% noticed an increase in motivation, and
  • 70% reported an increase in income.

With a single or multi-day coworking plan, you get non-dedicated deskspace in one of our coworking area, and access to our business lounge, phone room and conference rooms (additional fees may apply). With a dedicated deskspace, you get all of that, plus you have have a desk, lamp, locking storage and waste bin assigned permanently to you in one of our shared offices with ocean views.

Single and multi-day coworking plans are available on a first come first served basis. You will be able to reserve a desk and conference rooms online through our member portal. 

Members with single and multi-day plans can access the office between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Members with permanent deskpace and office rentals will have 24/7 access. Arrangements can be made for earlier or later access, an additional deposit or fees may be required. Speak to a community manager for details.

Coworking members with single and multi-day passes can use desks in coworking areas, which are quite spaces tucked away throughout the office. Members with permanent deskspace will be assigned a desk in one of our shared offices.

Our ‘official’ hours are 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., and our reception desk and a community manager will be on-site during those times, but we’re usually around for longer hours.

All coworking clients can have guests visit them while they are in the office. Common sense applies. Business meetings should be conducted in conference rooms, but we allow our members to use the lounge for short, casual meetings. Casual guests staying longer than an hour (and not meeting you in a conference room) can purchase a 1-day coworking pass.

We do not require a security deposit for coworking members with single or multi-day passes. Members with permanent deskspace and office rentals will be required to pay a security deposit equal to one month’s recurring fees.

You can purchase additional conference room time by the hour, or in discounted bundles, online in our Member Portal. See our Meeting Room page for information about pricing.

Yes! There’s no requirement to have a coworking plan to use our conference rooms. You can purchase conference room time and make reservations through our online portal. See this page for more details.