Meet Sean, Architect


We worked with Sean to complete the office design and renovation on the Ripple Coworking building. Sean grew up in Flagler Beach, but moved away for college and stayed away to learn his craft. As soon as he could, Sean, with his wife, returned to to the beach to raise a family and start his own architecture firm. Sean wanted to work beachside, but had trouble finding office space that was affordable. He ended up taking an office that’s a little dark, and a little lonely.

With a Ripple office rental, Sean gets…

  • Flexible office space that can grow with his firm, so he’s not wasting money now on space needs later.
  • Inspiration from other professionals as he navigates the (often) lonely journey of entrepreneurship.
  • A receptionist who can receive plans and permits when Sean’s on job sites.
  • To fulfill his dream of putting his mark on the Flagler Beach skyline.

Meet Sara, Freelance Graphic Designer


Sara’s side-hustle doing graphic design work is quickly becoming her full-time gig. She recently got ‘official’ and incorporated, built a website and did some local SEO. But she couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed when she listed her apartment as her business address. She was concerned that clients wouldn’t take her seriously (and worried that they may just show up at her home).

With a Ripple virtual office, Sara gets…

  • A legit business address to give clients.
  • Somewhere to have business meetings when she needs it.
  • Deskspace so she can get out of her home office and into a professional work environment when she needs the change of scenery.
  • To fulfill her dream of doing graphic design work for other businesses…all on her own terms.

Meet Tom, Fencing Contractor

Tom’s got a successful fence installation business. He’s based in Volusia County but covers Flagler. Tom’s prices are great and so is his work. But he knows he’s losing out on a ton of business in Flagler County. Residents there are calling lesser skilled competitors — simply because their address is in Flagler.

With a Ripple virtual office, Tom gets…

  • Phone reception services so he never misses a call from a lead when he’s out on a job with poor cell reception.
  • Local Web presence so Flagler residents can find Tom’s business when they need a fence job done.
  • To fulfill his dream of running a multi-county empire.

Meet Suzie, Sales Professional

Suzie lives beachside, but her sales territory is in South Florida and she’s on the road half of the week. When Suzie isn’t travelling, she works from her home office, which gets tricky when her husband is home or the grandkids are visiting.

With a Ripple virtual office, Suzie gets…

  • A quiet place to get work done on the days when working from home isn’t practical.
  • A connection to other professionals, and their networks, which is great for her sales.
  • A reason to spend more time on the beach and not on the road.

Meet Steve & Kristi, Attorney & Finance Professional

Steve & Kristi came to Flagler Beach to change their lives. Steve is self-employed and Kristi works a remote job, but neither wanted to work from their home. They wanted an office beachside, but could only find single-window retail spaces that cost a small fortune to retrofit into professional office space. They eventually converted a small house into an office. But as they started to meet more Seans, Saras, Toms and Suzies around town, they realized that Flagler Beach desperately needed a place where professionals and entrepreneurs could work and collaborate.

They designed Ripple Coworking to be a place where entrepreneurs can…

  • Get serious work done, and still enjoy a beachside life.
  • Collaborate with other professionals.
  • Get premium office resources at a fraction of the cost of doing it all alone.
  • Make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.