Virtual Office Rentals

Home-based professionals and businesses get a professional, local presence starting at $50 per month.


Stay Safe, Retain Privacy

Using a home address for business means customers and vendors know where you live. That's unsafe. Use a Ripple virtual office rental as your business address to retain your privacy.

Pay Only For What You Need

Why rent an office when you won't be there all the time? Get any office service you may need (conference room, office rental, copies), but pay only when you need it.

A Local Presence Counts

Local customers prefer to deal with local businesses. For as little as $50/month, with a Ripple virtual office rental you can become a 'local' business, even if you're sitting hundreds of miles away.

Virtual office rentals starting at $50/month

Because it’s unprofessional to use a home address for your business.

At Ripple you get…

  • Professional business presence at our office building
  • Guest reception
  • Mail and package collection
  • Signage
  • Conference room access

Ripple Coworking is best experienced in person. Schedule a visit to discover the best virtual office rental plan for you!

Virtual Office FAQ


A virtual office rental is an “unbundled” office rental arrangement where businesses get the professional presence of a traditional commercial office and have access to all its resources, such as an address to receive mail, a physical location to meet clients, conference rooms, receptionist and admin services, and temporary office space.

The difference is that businesses pay for these office services only when they need them, rather than a large monthly fee.

Business owners using virtual office rentals work primarily from another location, which can be a home office, or a traditional bricks-and-mortar office in another city.

Starting at $50/month, a virtual office rental is a cost effective way to maintain a traditional, brick-and-mortar business presence in a particular city, making it particularly useful for home-based entrepreneurs and professionals who don’t want customers popping into their home, and out-of-town businesses who want to maintain a local presence without the expensive cost of maintaining their own commercial lease.

How much do virtual office rentals cost?

Ripple Coworking sells virtual office rentals in “plans” that start at $50/month and go up to $250/month. Higher priced plans include more services, such as discounted conference room hours and deskspace usage.

See our Flagler Beach virtual office rental pricing here.

See our Daytona Beach virtual office rental pricing here.

Can I get a Google Business listing using a virtual office?

Due to changes in Google’s policies about Google Business listings (formerly Google My Business) and virtual offices, members who want to use Ripple Coworking’s business address for a Google Business listing must instead subscribe for a “Local Office” plan which start at $100/month. Not all businesses qualify for Google Business. For example, online businesses who do not meet with customers do not qualify for Google Business. So you may be able to use a virtual office. Any business is welcome to get a Virtual Office for mail services and discounted conference room and deskspace time.

For more information about Local Office plan and whether you need one, speak with a Team member by phone or text (386) 888-2700.

What is the best virtual office plan for my business?

The size plan that will work best for you will depend on how many services you need. For example, if you are an attorney or accountant and know you will need to host client meetings, depositions or closings several times a month, than a higher priced plan is more cost effective, because you get more conference room hours at a deeper discount. However, if you only plan on getting a virtual office to collect mail, the lowest cost plan will work.

The beauty of a virtual office is that, because it’s a month-to-month arrangement, you can upgrade your plan at any time, and downgrade with one-month’s advance notice.

Still confused? We’re experts at this – schedule a visit with us and we’ll help you decide.

Where can I rent a virtual office from Ripple?

We offer virtual office rentals in our Flagler Beach coworking space and our Daytona Beach coworking space.

Our Flagler Beach virtual office rentals are located in our oceanfront coworking building on A1A and South 8th Street. As a virtual office customer, you’ll have access to our two conference rooms, and can rent deskspace whenever you need it.

Our Daytona Beach virtual office rentals are located in our coworking building in Downtown Daytona Beach, on Orange Avenue between Beach Street and Palmetto Avenue. Our Daytona Beach coworking space is easily walkable from the 5th District Court of Appeals, the Volusia County Courthouse Annex, all the shops and restaurants on Beach Street and in the Downtown Daytona Beach Redevelopment District.

Is a security deposit required?

When you purchase your virtual office plan, you will pay for the balance of your first month and last month up front. No additional security deposit is required unless you have a plan with conference room hours and you plan to use those hours after hours or on weekends. In that case, arrangements will need to be made to hold a security deposit, and the amount will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

How will I collect my mail and packages?

Some customers collect their mail in person. Your mail will be collected and sorted before the end of the business day on which it is received, subject of course to unforeseen issues with weather or staff. Your mail will be stored together with the mail for all other virtual office clients. You can collect your mail from Ripple’s receptionist during our normal business hours (9 A.M. – 5 P.M.).

Some customers have their mail forwarded to them. We forward your mail daily, weekly or monthly. There is a $5 service charge for each package sent to you, plus the cost of first class postage. If you prefer to have your mail forwarded by courier, we require that you use FedEx and give us your account number so shipping charges can be billed directly to you by FedEx. The $5 handling charge will still be applied.

If I have a basic virtual office plan, can I use conference rooms?

Yes! Even though conference rooms may not be included in your plan, you can reserve a conference room (or deskspace) at any time and just pay for it as you need it.

What happens if I run out of free conference room hours?

If you run out of your allocated conference room hours, you can either pay hourly for conference rooms, or you can purchase one of Ripple’s conference room bundles.

As a virtual office client, you are not subject to the two-hour minimum conference room requirement.

What happens if a customer comes to the office and I'm not there?

If a guest shows up to the office to see you, and we know you are not in, our team will inquire whether you have an appointment. We will kindly inform them that you are not in the office at the moment and we will ask if they would like to leave you a message.

Our staff will never tell a visiting guest that you maintain a “virtual office” at Ripple. We simply advise them that you are not in the office at the moment.

Click here for more information about our Guest Reception process.

How can I terminate or change my virtual office?

Virtual office rentals at Ripple Coworking are on a month-to-month basis. You can upgrade your plan at any time. You can downgrade your plan or terminate it by giving one-month’s advance notice from the 1st of any calendar month (agreements run on a calendar month basis).

What happens to my mail after my account ends?

If your account gets terminated for any reason, on the termination date, our company policy is to return any mail we receive to its sender. We recommend that you make mail forwarding arrangements with the post office prior to terminating your virtual office plan.

What types of business use a virtual office at Ripple Coworking.

Lots of businesses have a virtual office at Ripple Coworking. Here’s are just some of the industries that we service:


General Contractors
Roofing Contractors
Marine Construction
HVAC Repair
Restoration Services


Tax Preparers
Legal Consultants
Court Reporters
Financial Planners
Graphic Designers
Web Design
Marketing Consultants


Event Promoters and Planners
Online Retailers
Travel Agencies
Software Engineers

…and more.

Do I have to make a long term commitment?

Virtual office plans are sold are on a month-to-month basis. You can terminate you plan by giving one-month advance notice from the first of any calendar month (plans run on a calendar basis).

Where can I learn more about virtual offices?

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