Member Instructions

Guest Reception Process

How your guests will be received and announced at Ripple Coworking.


One of the best benefits at Ripple is guest reception. We want you to look awesome, and your clients to have an amazing experience when they visit you.

All of Ripple’s team members are trained in handling your guests and we’re pros at it! 

Here’s how this process works, but maintaining the awesomeness will require an assist from you! 

Prep Guests Before They Arrive

If your guests have never been to your office, let them know that they can park behind the building from South 8th Street, and if there are no spots, to park in the public lot on the Southwest corner of South 8th Street and South Daytona Avenue. 

To avoid confusion (and for the security of other members), please instruct your guests to enter through the main entrance closest to Reception.

In the very unlikely event your guests arrive and the receptionist has stepped away from the desk, let your guests know that they can begin to check themselves in using our Guest Kiosk (more on that below).

We’ll Greet Your Guests Like a Pro!

Your guests will be greeted by the Ripple Team at reception between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. 

We will make every effort to staff the reception desk during these hours. However, there may be times when this is not possible; for example, if our team members are assisting other members with an emergency in their office. 

We’ll Make Them Feel Comfortable (and You Look Awesome!)

When your guest arrives, we will ask them to have a seat in our reception area and they will be offered coffee or water.

Our receptionists are trained to engage your guest in pleasant conversation (so they feel important), while they wait for you. This is where the magic happens, and where your awesomeness level gets elevated!

If We Step Away, We Have a Self Check In Kiosk

In rare instances where our receptionist has to step away, we have a self-check in kiosk (a tablet-sized device that sits on the reception desk) that your guests can use to let you know they are in the office. We will set you up on this system and instruct you how to use it during your first week. 

We’ll Notify You of Guests’ Arrival

Our receptionist will send you a text and email letting you know that your guest has arrived. Team members are not permitted to leave the front desk to let you know (in person) that guests have arrived.

You’ll Collect Your Guest in Reception

To make sure we can make other members look awesome for their guests, we require that you (or a member from your team) greet your guests at reception and escort them to your office, or we can escort them to a conference room near reception if you have one reserved. 

All guests must be announced and retrieved from reception. For security reasons, we do not permit guests to self-navigate to your office, and our team members are not permitted to escort guests to your office.

Seating in reception is limited, so as a courtesy to other members’ guests, we ask that you please collect your guests as quickly as possible. 

If You Don’t Collect Your Guest Within 15 Minutes…

If you do not collect your guest or are unreachable within 15 minutes from when your guests arrive, we will politely advise them that you must not be available, we will reaffirm your awesomeness, and let them know how they can contact you to reschedule a meeting.

If a Guest Shows Up Unexpectedly and You’re Not In

If a guest shows up to the office to see you, and we know you are not in, our team will inquire whether you have an appointment. We will kindly inform them that you are not in the office at the moment and we will ask if they would like to leave you a message.

For Virtual Office clients, we will handle unexpected guest exactly the same way as described above. Our staff will never tell a visiting guest that you maintain a “virtual office” at Ripple. We simply advise them that you are not in the office at the moment.