Client Conference Room Rates


Item Price
Conference Rooms 1 & 2 $15/hour
Conference Room Day Rate $100/day
Additional Monthly Bundle*
10 Hours $130/month

*Minimum 90-day commitment required, one month advance written notice to terminate or downgrade.


Copier Services


Item Price
Fax Free
Copies / Prints (B&W) $0.08 page
Copies / Prints (Color) $0.50 page
Scan (B&W) Free

Facility Services


Item Price
Office Setup $75
Signage Setup TBD
Signage Maintenance $50/month


Mail & Delivery Services


Item Price
Mail Forwarding Service $2/package + cost of postage
Open & Scan Service $40/month up to 50 pieces
Mail check and Scan $3 per piece
Postage Meter client usage + 20%


Telephone Services


Item Price
Telephone per User $45/month per person

$60 set-up fee

Live Reception Services (Up to 150 calls per month) $150/month

$100 set-up fee

Call Forwarding Service $35/month

$60 set-up fee

Telephone Number Port Services $60 per port


Coworking Deskspace


Item Price
Day Rate $25/day
5 Day Package $100/month
10 Day Package $200/month
Dedicated Desk $350/month


Virtual Office


Item Price
Knee to Waist $75/month
Chest to Shoulder $150/month
Overhead $250/month


Billing Services


Item Price
Office Rental Late Fee 5% of late amount
Returned Check Fee $35
Virtual Office Late Fee $15
*All rates subject to sales tax where applicable.