Virtual Office, Coworking & Meeting Rooms Your Secret Weapons [Ripple Roundup]

Ripple Roundup covers our favorite articles about shared office space, coworking and virtual offices, your secret weapons!

We’ve gathered the top performing and more interesting articles about shared office space, coworking, and virtual offices rentals. Take a look and see what interests you!

Coworking: More Than Just Space, It’s a Community of Support

Coworking office spaces offer flexibility, affordability, conference rooms and coffee!  But the most important benefit of these shared spaces is the community! Many of these spaces offer more than just a place to work. They offer a community that surrounds you with like minded peers to bounce ideas, a built in network to help grow your business, and a friendly place to work.

Why businesses are turning to ‘virtual offices’

If you need a professional business address, but do not want to pay the rent associated with it, a virtual office may be what you’re looking for. Virtual offices offer an affordable and professional way to present your business. Most come with mail forwarding, and for a few dollars more, many offer coworking time and conference room usage. Don’t let the cost of rent be the downfall of your success. Check out this helpful article to learn more about other business that are taking advantage of a virtual office.

Putting a Shared Office to the Test

Are you feeling isolated working from home? A shared office space may be the answer. Most spaces come fully equipped with furniture, just bring your computer and start working. Being around a community of professionals lets you connect with others professionally and who may wind up being your friends. Follow this article and learn about the other reasons why shared office space might be the perfect option for you!

A Battle Worth The Fight? Your Meeting Room as Your Secret Weapon

Marketing your meeting room has a bigger impact on your business than you’d likely believe. Your ability to have a nice, comfortable, accessible and private meeting room will have a massive impact on retaining new clients. Think about it, if you met a lawyer in a cold, dark and dirty conference room, you probably wouldn’t then hire them! Follow this article to learn how the right marketing material focusing on your meeting room can become your business’s secret weapon.


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