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Four mental health counselors discuss how to identify and manage commonly overlooked challenges of entrepreneurship that can have a serious impact on your mental health.

Mental Health Counselors at Ripple

As a society, we place a high value on our physical health, often ignoring the fact that our brains play a fundamental role in our overall health. What steps are you taking to cultivate a healthy mindset, empower your positive thinking, and protect your mind space?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! For this issue of The Ripple Effect, we asked some of Ripple Coworking’s Mental Health professionals what advice they have for busy professionals to help maintain a healthy mind!

What are some commonly overlooked challenges of entrepreneurship that can have a serious impact on mental health?

“Entrepreneurship and remote working often mean a solitary journey that can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Because we are social beings, remote working and entrepreneurship in general can be challenging. Isolation can have a significant impact on mental health, leading to feelings of depression, anxiety, and demotivation.” – Dr. Abisoye Somorin

“It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to sometimes focus so much on their work that they forget about themselves and their needs. They are driven to succeed, and many will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, so one thing they need to be mindful of is keeping a balance of work and play.” – Shelly A. Stum, LCSW

“Entrepreneurship is a turbulent and emotional journey. It is reported that 1 in 3 entrepreneurs work more than 50 hours a week. Depression, anxiety, and panic disorder are increased in the entrepreneur due to the high time demands which can lead to feeling trapped. Emotional regulation, recovery activities, and coping strategies can have an impact both on the entrepreneur’s well-being and the company’s success.” – Roger Corbin

“The word “vocation” comes from the Latin root ‘vocari’, which means ‘to be called’. For many people, their work is not so much a calling as an exchange of time for money. Being able to care for our work life is part of overall self-care. If your job is not your “calling”, you must find a way to have balance and joy amid the confines of your work obligations.” – Michelle De Santis

How can these issues be identified and managed to best suit the professional and personal needs of the entrepreneur?

“Entrepreneurs often face high levels of stress due to the demands of their work, which can lead to burnout if overlooked. This is especially true for small business owners who are CEO-everything at the beginning. Implementing stress-management techniques such as regular exercise, mindfulness, social outings, and setting boundaries can help to regulate mental health.” – Dr. Abisoye Somorin

“Feeling stressed? Try diaphragmatic breathing! Get in a comfortable seated position, with one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. Take a slow, deep breath into your nose, feeling your stomach expand, and slowly exhale through your mouth. Do this for 3+ minutes to feel the benefit. Controlled breathing can promote feelings of relaxation and peace by lowering your blood pressure, heart rate, and levels of stress hormones in your blood.” – Shelly A. Stum, LCSW

“Learning has emerged as a coping strategy, as it brings a sense of excitement and aliveness. Learning something new provides a deep motivation and reward that seems to suit the entrepreneur’s personality traits. When entrepreneurs have high resources and a thirst for learning and development, they tend to thrive under a high load of work and pressure.”- Roger Corbin

“What you eat, the relationships you maintain, how you utilize your time, and how you spend your money are the four areas of life that represent the full spectrum of health. The #1 recommendation I have for folks striving to improve their mental health and their overall wellness is to SEEK SUPPORT! Support can come from friend groups, church or religious groups, counseling, or coaching. There are a variety of options now.” – Michelle De Santis

Need help managing your mental healthcare needs, get in touch with one of these amazing counselors:

Shelly A. Stum, LCSW
Peaceful Healing Solutions LLC
(386) 968-2032

Roger Corbin LCSW
(386) 316-8107

Click here to learn more about Daytona Beach Therapist Roger Corbin.

Michelle Lesesne-De Santis
(386) 606-7745

Click here to learn more about Flagler Beach Therapist and Life Coach Michelle Lesesne-De Santis.

Dr. Abisoye Somorin
Evencare Psychiatry And Wellness
(386) 872-8534


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