Coworking is About Feeling Less Alone [Ripple Roundup]

The best part about coworking is the community, and feeling less alone. The Ripple Roundup explores the social benefits of coworking.

The statistics say it all. Entrepreneurs and remote workers who work from a coworking space are happier, more productive and see better business growth. Don’t believe us, see what these excellent resources have to say about it.

Coworking: More Than Just Space, It’s A Community of Support

Coworking office spaces offer flexibility, affordability, conference rooms and coffee!  But the most important benefit of these shared spaces is the community! Many of these spaces offer more than just a place to work. They offer a community that surrounds you with like-minded peers to bounce ideas, a built-in network to help grow your business, and a friendly place to work.

Coworking Is Not About Workspace — It’s About Feeling Less Lonely 

The benefits of remote working include no commute, working out of your home, and ability to control how you work, just to name a few. But no one really talks about the negative aspects of remote work. Follow this article to learn about the feeling of loneliness remote workers face, and how coworking might be a way to help.

11 Incredible Coworking Statistics That Will Make You Leave Your Cubicle (Infographic)

Did you know coworking makes you feel healthier, coworkers tend to complete tasks and focus better, and coworking leads to better interactions that make you more relaxed? Use this incredible infographic to learn few of the amazing statistics of why you might consider coworking.

The 5 Behaviors That Make You a Coworking Space Pro

If coworking is unfamiliar territory for you, here are some things to help you get the most out of the space and be a coworking pro. Get to know your neighbor, keep an open mind, don’t be intimidated, ask for help and change environment. Follow this article to get more super helpful tips that you can use in your coworking space right away.


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