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daytona beach coworking space

Ripple Coworking to open a new Daytona Beach coworking space in the Downtown/Beach Street redevelopment district by the end of 2021.

Ripple Coworking is opening a new coworking space in Downtown Daytona Beach in the former home of the Daytona News Journal at 128 Orange Avenue, between Beach Street and Palmetto Avenue. The new space will feature over 70 individual offices, a 3,000 sq. ft. cafe space, dedicated areas for deskspace rental, meeting rooms, virtual offices, and warehouse-style storage.

Ripple Coworking Daytona is expected to open by year end 2021.

Ripple recently acquired the historic three-story building, which was previously occupied by Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc., the primary provider of legal aid services in Central Florida.

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“We have a passion for restoring old buildings to honor its heritage while modernizing it for the needs of today’s entrepreneurs and remote workers,” says Ripple Coworking’s co-owner Stephen Furnari. “We are so excited to contribute to the development and growth taking place in Downtown Daytona Beach. Plus, we love the fact that the building is walkable to Beach Street restaurants and shops, the courts and City Hall.”

Ripple’s owners, Stephen & Kristi Furnari, have operated coworking spaces for close to two decades, including Ripple’s flagship location in Flagler Beach.

“With Ripple, we wanted to build a coworking brand that focused on meeting the office needs of entrepreneurs and remote workers who have chosen to live a coastal Florida lifestyle,” says Furnari.

In addition to the usual remote worker and professional service provider coworking clientele, Ripple Daytona will offer niche services for industries that, historically, were not well-suited for coworking because of their specialized needs.

For example, a portion of the ground floor will be dedicated to light warehouse storage space.

“We’ve had lots of potential customers tour our offices, who love the idea of coworking, but ultimately rented a more expensive space because they also required secure storage for tools or inventory,” says Furnari. “This was especially true with entrepreneurs in the trades.”

Ripple will be adding dedicated storage pods to open up the possibility of coworking and all the community benefits that it offers — like business referrals from officemates — to a whole new group of business owners.

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The owners of flood and fire restoration services provider, Wilco Restoration, are excited about the project.

“We really like the idea of being able to network with other professionals right inside our executive offices,” says Wilco co-owner Joe Chirco. “But we also need some storage space for fans, dehumidifiers and other equipment, so coworking hasn’t really been an option for us until now.”

Chirco and his partner Darren Wison are considering renting an office at Ripple Daytona when it opens.

Another niche market Ripple Coworking plans to service is therapists, counselors and other professionals with high traffic practices.

“Therapists and their clients have specialized office needs and a typical coworking space is generally not well-suited for these types of practices,” says Furnari.

Ripple Coworking Daytona will feature a dedicated wing for therapists, counselors and other high traffic professional businesses, complete with its own waiting area.

“Like any other business, these professionals will benefit substantially by working in a community of like-minded officemates,” says Furnari.

For more information about Ripple Coworking’s new Daytona Beach location, or to join the waitlist for tours, visit

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