The Secret to Finding Opportunities in a Coworking Space [Infographic]

Opportunities in a Coworking space

Infographic shows coworking members how to find  referrals, inspiration, friendships and strategic relationships that can routinely earn them 1X, 5X or 10X their spend in rent.

In any decent coworking space, there are career-changing benefits to be found with just a little bit of effort. Even in our new Coworking space in Daytona Beach, we’re already seeing members exchange referrals, hire each other for work, seek each other out for advice, and make new friends.

In some of our coworking spaces, members get enough referrals from neighbors that they have stopped doing out of the office networking altogether (and we have the video to prove it). That’s a huge savings in time, especially if you are a professional who bills by the hour or job.

Infographic Shows How to Find Opportunities in a Coworking Space

This infographic is a map to finding friendships, inspiration, referrals, strategic partnerships that can make a huge difference in your professional life:

Infographic - The Secret to Finding Opportunities in a Coworking Space

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5 Easy Steps to Finding Success in a Coworking Space

Finding opportunities in a coworking space really comes down to 5 easy steps:

  1. Walk Around – Sounds simple, but you’ve got to get off your computer and into the hallways once in a while. It’s better for your health anyway!
  2. Be Neighborly – A little effort goes a long way. Opportunity mining in a coworking space is all about relationship building. This is SUPER easy to do in a coworking space because most members are there for the same reasons and end up having a lot in common.
  3. Listen More, Talk Less – There’s this paradox, everyone loves to talk about themselves, but no one appreciates a blow hard. Restrain your desire to talk about yourself and get really good as asking questions and actively listening to responses.
  4. Give First – Receiving in a community requires opportunities to be there in the first place. Those who give the most often set the example for others and receive the most benefits in return.
  5. Be Gracious – Common decency applies. Always say thank you for an opportunity. Always do a great job if referred by a colleague. Always say thank you again.

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