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The Ripple Effect takes a closer look at members Naughty Petals, who’s doing next-level floral arrangements, and Studio J Architecture, who’s crushing it with high profile projects on two coasts, plus we offer up a few date night ideas for busy professionals!

February…the month for romantics and NASCAR fanatics! This month we take a closer look at Naughty Petals, a boutique florist in Daytona Beach who creating next level arrangements that include cash bouquets (think $500 in $5 bills arranged to look like roses). We also profile Studio J Architecture, which is a bi-coastal architectural services firm with offices in Flagler Beach and the Bay Area in California, who is doing high profile projects on two coasts. Plus, our experts in the subject offer up some unique date ideas for busy professionals and more – all jam packed into a 60-second read!

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Ripple Effect Newsletter Naughty Petals and Studio J Architecture Member ProfilesMember Spotlight: Naughty Petals (Floral Arrangements)

Owning a floral boutique has been a lifelong dream for Tonette Kinsler – a dream which began to bloom in March of 2023 as she found comfort in crafting beautiful floral arrangements to honor the memory of her late mother. Naughty Petals Daytona Beach Florist Cash Bouquet at Ripple Coworking

At the time, the flowers for her mother brought Tonette peace and joy; but now, a year later, it is Tonette who is bringing joy to her customers through her one-of-a-kind creations. Each time she hands over a glittering bundle of colored roses, adorned with gold-foil accents or delicately folded dollar bills, into the hands of a smiling client, Tonette is reminded why she loves what she does.

Having an office rental at Ripple has given Tonette a professional space to meet her customers and operate her budding business (pun intended). Ripple is pleased to have a unique, woman-owned small business like Naughty Petals among it’s diverse roster of members.

If you’d like to check out more of her creations, or place your order for Valentine’s Day, you can find her on Instagram @NaughtyPetals_

Member Spotlight: Studio J Architecture

Studio J Architecture is a boutique architecture firm founded in 2004 on the West Coast. Excited to branch out and take on new adventures, they landed at Ripple Coworking in Flagler Beach in early 2022.

Studio J Architecture ProjectSince then, the North Florida office has seen great success, which they credit in part to utilizing the network available through Ripple — “The Ripple effect” in action.

The firm has acquired several clients and created relationships with valuable consultants, connections made possible simply by being a part of the social and promotional atmosphere within the coworking space. The firm has achieved success throughout its 20 years in business by specializing in high end custom design, communication with clients and meeting deadlines.

Current projects include a custom ground-up beach house and a restaurant for the Warriors basketball team. Ripple is honored to be a part of their continued success! You can view some of their projects at

Date Night Ideas for the Busy Professional

Keeping the spark alive can be challenging when you’re working hard at your success. These simple but unique date night ideas are sure to remind your partner that they’re truly your top priority.


There’s always something cool going on in the sky – meteor showers, full moons or rocket launches! Florida is a great place for skygazing due to the relatively low amount of light pollution over the ocean, making for great visibility into the cosmos!

So check the weather, pack a picnic, grab a couple of cozy blankets, charge your speaker, and head to the beach for a few hours on a Friday night with your sweetie.

Deep, intimate conversations are bound to be had – and you will likely get lucky and spot a shooting star to make a special wish!

Scavenger Hunt

Pick a color, choose a store, set a budget and go explore! Fill a bag with items for your partner – all in the theme of the chosen color. Choose things you know they will like, or things that are sure to get a couple of laughs! Anything is fair game – knick-knacks, snacks, clothing or toys!

Bring your treasures home and take turns unpacking the goodies and treats you picked out, and really appreciate how well you know one another! Then spend the rest of the night indulging in the treats with gratitude.

Productivity Quote of the Month!

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.”
Peter Drucker


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