How Mary Kay Consulting and Wellness Branding Balance Entrepreneur Shalliea Mitchell

Mary Kay Consultant and H.E.R. Soul Wellness founder Shalliea Mitchell

Entrepreneur, student and single mom, Shalliea Mitchell, balances entrepreneurship, education and empowerment as a Mary Kay beauty consultant and founder of faith-based holistic wellness brand, H.E.R. Soul Wellness.

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship often entails navigating multiple avenues simultaneously, especially if your business is a side hustle to several other commitments. Each demands dedication, passion, and strategic balance.

In an era where side hustles have become a norm for many, the story of an individual thriving in not one, but two distinct career paths, all while earning a bachelor’s degree as full time student and being a single-mom to a 2-year old son, is particularly inspiring.

Meet Ripple Coworking Daytona member, Shalliea Mitchell, an ambitious entrepreneur whose main focus lies in building her Faith-Based Holistic Wellness Brand, H.E.R. Soul Wellness, while also enriching the lives of women through the world-renowned skincare and cosmetics brand, Mary Kay.

In this interview, which was part of a series exploring the side hustle economy, Shalliea Mitchell shares insights into her dual career journey, revealing the inspiration behind her ventures, her aspirations for the future, and invaluable tips for aspiring side hustle entrepreneurs.

What is your main gig, and what is your “side hustle”?

I’m primarily focused on being an entrepreneur, building my faith-based holistic wellness brand, H.E.R. Soul Wellness, which offers peer advisory support to female executives and leaders. We’re set to officially launch in May 2024. Additionally, I’m a full-time online student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in health promotion & fitness science. As a side hustle, I enrich the lives of women with Mary Kay, the world’s #1 direct selling brand of skincare and color cosmetics.

What inspired your side hustle (was it born out of passion, or necessity)?

Born out of both passion and necessity, my side hustle has been a lifeline as a single mother to my two-year-old. It gives me the freedom and flexibility to earn a living while pursuing my education and building my personal brand. More than just financial support, it has also been a source of confidence, fun, and the opportunity to connect with incredible women.

Shalleia Mitchell Mary Kay Constultant & H.E.R. Soul Wellness Founder

Shalliea Mitchell consults with clients at her Ripple Coworking office.

Do you see your side hustle ever becoming your main hustle, and is that the goal? What would need to happen in order for your side hustle to replace your day job?

Over the past six years, I’ve been dedicated to Mary Kay, driven by my dream to earn the use of my career car and eventually retire as a National Sales Director. My role as a beauty consultant complements my brand because it focuses on helping women learn how to look, feel and lead well in order to live well. Through Mary Kay, I hone my speaking and teaching skills, which will be invaluable in marketing my personal wellness brand to corporate clients in the future.

What I love most about Mary Kay is its company philosophy: faith first, family second, career third. This alignment with my personal values not only enriches my life but also strengthens my role as the creator and brand ambassador for H.E.R. Soul Wellness.

How does your regular job impact your side hustle, and vice versa?

I plan to maintain Mary Kay as my second career to ensure the freedom to prioritize faith and family, have fun, write books, and travel the world, all while sharing the empowering message of H.E.R. Soul Wellness. This balance will allow me to pursue my passions and make a meaningful impact wherever I go.

What tips do you have for someone wanting to start a side business in terms of getting started, time management, and expectations?

Choosing to fumble forward despite uncertainties is more rewarding than letting the fear of failure prevent you from taking the first step. Just, go for it. Success is about embracing adversity, increasing your capacity to overcome challenges and using it as an opportunity for growth. By sharing your imperfections, you deepen your connections with others. Remember, setbacks are not failures – it’s valuable feedback helping us climb more effectively to the top. Enjoy the journey with serenity with those around you one day at a time. Let go, take it slow and just grow.

How can people interested in learning more about Mary Kay or H.E.R. Soul Wellness get in touch with you?




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